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 Rainbow's IMPROVED Head Administrator/Administrator Application.

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PostSubject: Rainbow's IMPROVED Head Administrator/Administrator Application.   Fri May 06, 2011 9:09 pm

Name: Rainbow

- I want to be an administrator because

I love helping people and giving them instructions on where to go and
how to navigate throughout the community.
I dont know why but helping people gives me a sence of accomplishment. :)

-What would you do as staff?

I would make sure everyone votes and does there part to maintain
a healthy and positive community and I would also show people around
and show them how to earn money as a newbie to the server.

Have you had Past experience?

I was Co-owner for Hellz Pk and a Administrator for Paradise isle scape.

How active are you?

Mondays 2hrs ------ 5 hrs

Tuesdays 2hrs ------ 5 hrs

Wednesdays 2hrs ------ 5hrs

Thursdays 2 hrs ------ 5hrs

Fridays 3hrs ------- 6 hrs

Saturday 3hrs ------- 7 hrs

Sunday 3hrs -------- 5 1/2 hrs

How often do you check the forums?

Well while Im training in the game I check the forum alot so I am on it 1/4 of the time im on.

Thankyou for taking the time to read this
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Rainbow's IMPROVED Head Administrator/Administrator Application.
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