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 Anything Clan Related's Rules

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PostSubject: Anything Clan Related's Rules    Anything Clan Related's Rules  I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 17, 2011 8:52 pm

Creating a clan:
You must have a maximum of at least 5 people in a clan and a minimum of 1.

Joining a clan:
If the clan you would like to join wants to recruit you but has 5 players then you must post on forums that you have that issue and you must select a player for you to take their spot meaning they will no longer be in the clan and then post that you did what is being said, on forums.

Leaving a clan:
If you would like to leave a clan or no longer be apart of the clan tournaments and wars then please post your name on the forums under the given or appropriate thread you see and what clan you were apart of and why you are leaving.

Challenging another clan or hosting a clan war:
You must tell the leader of the clan you want to fight that you challenge them, you must tell them ingame and on forums, and then post that you challenged them for proof.

Clan Wars In Progress:
Any clan can jump into a clan war when they see one even if you did not challenge them, its a free for all of clans or the clans that originally started the war can ask other clans or pay other clans to help them out!

Clan Help:
If you are asked to help another clan in their war then you can chose to fight or not. If they end up paying you to help them then both clan leaders must screen shot the trade of money for proof, you chose how much you pay for help but you play for each clan member on the clan you are asking for help from, Each leader is Responsible for paying the other clan members if he receives payment, and he must screen shot it for proof, but only post pictures if needed.

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Anything Clan Related's Rules
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