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 Welcome To Dream-Scape & Lets Get Sarted

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PostSubject: Welcome To Dream-Scape & Lets Get Sarted   Fri Jul 08, 2011 9:18 pm

Okay so since you are new to the server it is best that you know your way around and you know as much as you can possibly know.

first thing is if you want to download the client click HERE
if you are wondering if it is safe to use our client then feel free to virus scan it, also we do not have any virus softwares to offer you but a good one for you to use is:
Spy-Hunter 5
the program will do a virus scan on your whole computer and then it will tell you how many viruses you have if any and were they are coming from and/ or how you obtained them, you canonly remove the viruses if you have the paid version of Spy-Hunter 5.

If you are having trouble with the server or forums then you need to contact: Me (Michael), Jason, Mod Sick, Mod Ninja
when you go to contact us then please use the PM option.
If you do not know how to pm some one then follow the steps below.
1. click "member list" located in the navigation bar above.
2. search the desired users name in the search bar.
3. click on the users name
4. click contact in the right hand corner by their profile picture, and the select pm down under the contact list.

if you still need help try posting the help you need under the help section!

Owner Mike
Happy Gaming

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Welcome To Dream-Scape & Lets Get Sarted
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