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 Robes for admin :p

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PostSubject: Robes for admin :p   Wed Apr 27, 2011 11:24 pm

I believe i am the right choice for admin for many reasons, i have had considerable experience leading people in games, guilds, servers, and irl a kind, fun, and relaxed way yet proactive, and any time i have ever lead a group it has always been in a distinguished and successful manor =3. I do not abuse my power, i simply keep the order and respect authority, while recruiting as much as possible and staying active! i only use the power given to me to ban when there is picture or video proof. i will follow leads from what people say by going undercover but unless i get concrete proof i do nothing. My top priority is creating a stimulating environment, fair PvP, and a balanced economy. i have lots of experiance and ideas on how i can help all these things xDD. i really enjoy being a part of a great team like this, thanks for your consideration :p =robes=
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PostSubject: I like your app   Thu Apr 28, 2011 7:55 pm

I like your application, this is a great example for some one on how to post, the only problem i have to you being staff is the fact that i never see you on, so maybe if you became more active i would be more in your favor decisive.
but for the time being i have to reject your application, but dont worry i have a good feeling about you if what your application is saying is true!

::owner and admin:: Michael ::owner and admin::
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Robes for admin :p
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